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A BBC article from today on the Israeli animated documentary "Waltz with Bashir": Journalist relives nightmares of war

The main focus of the article is the Israeli war journalist Ron Ben-Yishai, the first journalist to enter the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps after the massacres in September 1982. He has a small, but important role. He did not want to take part in the documentary at first, but was later convinced by director Ari Folman.

From the article:

"Inhibition - the ability to inhibit, is a very powerful defence mechanism," says Ben-Yishai.

"You see horrible things, you inhibit, you store it somewhere. I believe if it doesn't come back and if you don't work it out early - it is there and it might explode."

The Independent also had an article on the movie a couple of weeks ago:

War, death and animation: Cartoon film stirs Israel's conscience

This article by Ben Lynfield is much more informative than the one from BBC. Lynfield reports from Jerusalem and he focus mpore on the different Israeli reactions and reviews. A good article worth reading if you are interested in both the Lebanon war and movie itself.

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