Qusayr Amra

One of the reasons why I wish to revisit Jordan is the Desert Castles in the eastern part of the country. In the article "Castle represents cultural time capsule of 8th century life" from Jordan Times Taylor Luck visits one of them, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Qusayr Amra, an old caravanserai, hunting lodge and spa. The "castle" lies in the middle of nowhere, something that adds much to its beauty and the historical feel of the place.

The exterior of Qusayr Amra is not the most impressive. What makes this isolated spot special is the castle's interior. All the walls are decorated with all sorts of paintings and frescos, from a bear with a banjo to rulers of the World. The last part of Luck's article pretty much sums up the castle's exotic location and feel:

Although he enjoys guiding visitors through the storied halls of the Umayyad hunting lodge, Abu Hamzeh said he appreciates Qasr Amra the most at dusk, a time when the castle truly comes to life.

Because, as the tourists leave and the sun begins to set on the 1,300-year-old site, the murals’ exotic dancers, hunters and emperors remain, with Abu Hamzeh’s rababa echoing music of festivals long ago.

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