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My blog has been in hibernation the last month and a half due to travelling, moving, readjustment and laziness. My stay in Jordan has ended and I am now back in Norway. To celebrate this occasion (restart of my blog) I will provide you with some highly useful statistical information from an article in a book I am currently reading. The following quote is from the article "A Kemalist Gambit - A View of the Political Negotiations in the Determination of the Turkish-Iraqi Border" by David Cuthell.

Mosul was established as its own province administered by its own governor [after some provincial reforms in the Ottoman Empire in the 1870s]. The city of Mosul served as the administrative center and was divided into three provincial sub-districts. These were Mosul, Kirkuk, and Sulaymaniya. According to the General Census of 1881-83 the total provincial population amounted to 176,111 souls. These were further broken down into Muslims (164,593), Catholics (7,082), and Jews (4,286). Also listed were 102 Protestants and 45 Armenians as well as 3 Greeks.  

The article is from the book The Creation of Iraq 1914-1921 and is edited by Reeva S. Simon and Eleanor H. Tejirian. Cuthell found his statistical information in a book by Kemal Karpat about the Ottoman population between 1830 and 1914.

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